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Student Accomplishments

Statistics about the school

Pancypriot Ballet Competition

Clare has entered students for the Pancypriot Ballet Competition every year since its inception in 2005 with students reaching the finals every year and a number of students winning Prizes.

The prize winners are listed below:

  • 2006 2nd Place Anna Papaxanthou
  • 2007 3rd Place Anna Papaxanthou
  • 2008 4th Emily Loumba
  • 2009 4th  Juniors Nicole Livera
  • 2010 3rd Seniors Evita Zacharioglou
  • 2010 2nd Juniors Nicole Livera
  • 2012 2nd Juniors Penelope Ioannou
  • 2013 3rd Juniors Thea Constantinou
  • 2014 1st Juniors Angelina Ioannou
  • 2014 3rd Juniors Penelope ioannou
  • 2016 1st Juniors Angelina Ioannou
  • 2018 1st Seniors Angelina Ioannou
Angelina Ioannou

Abroad Ballet Competition

Other Competitions where Dance Work’s students have participated include

2014 Hellas International

  • 1st Prize Children’s Angelina Ioannou
  • 1st Prize Amateur Junior Penelope Ioannou
  • 2nd Prize Amateur Junior (no 1st prize awarded) Thea Constantinou


2014 Finals of Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) in NEW YORK.

Participants were:

  • Angelina Ioannou in the 12-13 years in Classical Repertory
  • Penelope Ioannou in Pas de Deux


Genee International Ballet competition (Now named the Margot Fonteyn Ballet Competition)

Participants were:

  • 2010 Evita Parperi
  • 2015 Thea Constantinou


The Elite Solo Seal –

  • 2018 Penelope Ioannou
Angelina Ioannou

Danceworks students continue to be members of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet since its inception in 1999, and have perfomed in all their productions, workshops, summer schools to date.