dance academy

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Dance With Us

Classes Taught

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is taught from 4 years of age up to Pre- Professional level.

The Baby and Pre Primary classes are non syllabus- incorporating a program of study that Clare has put together over her 35 years of teaching experience. Although the outcome is to prepare the children to be ready to tackle the Primary level when they start school, the children gain the necessary skills and strength through especially put together exercises, mime and movement in a fun and play- like environment.

Graded Exam Syllabus classes include:

  • Primary
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Discovering Repertoire and or Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8

Vocational  Exam Syllabus classes include:

  • Intermediate Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Foundation
  • Advanced 1
  • Advanced 2
  • Solo Seal
Modern Dance

Modern classes are NON- SYLLABUS

This allows the students to experience a variety of modern dance genre. It is advised that students do modern in addition to their ballet classes as this gives them a better base.

The Classes are:

  • Modern Red- 6.5-8 year olds
  • Modern Purple- 8-10 year olds
  • Modern Yellow 9-11 year olds
  • Modern Blue 11 years and up
Contemporary Dance

As with the Modern, it is advisable to take contemporary in addition to ballet as this gives the student a better base. Below is listed the recommended ballet level.

The groups are:

  • Pre Junior Contemporary  (Gr 4)
  • Junior Contemporary (Gr5 & 6)
  • Pre Senior Contemporary (Gr7 & 8)
  • Senior Contemporary (Adv 1)
Tap Dance

Tap dance was introduced in 2019. Presently the level is Grade 4

Acting & Musical Theatre

Acting  & Musical Theatre from September 2020.

These classes have been introduced for those students wishing to pursue a more theatrical/ musical theatre veer. Examinations will be offered through TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON at Grade 5 level in 2021.

Stretching & Strengthening

Ballet and dance training requires a flexible, healthy and balanced body. Along side the core technique lessons, which promote safe practice, Dance Works offers additional stretching lessons once a week from Grade 2 upwards. Students are expected to do additional stretching at home, armed with the skills developed in these classes. To do that ideally they should have a mat and a space clear from obstacles.